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About Our Mission

What We Do

Since 1996, Jeremy Braund has been installing a wide range of flooring types along with performing custom bathroom remodels. In 2022 he decided to take his experience to the next level and open up his own store with the support of his team and wife Dawn. Jeremy, along with his team will renovate or repair your home making your renovation ideas come to life. We will work hard to provide sound advice, sell quality materials, and give you trusted support. In our store we offer a wide range of flooring products and services that are second to none - and our customers can attest to our commitment.

Aside from offering a wide range of products, we specialize in flooring installation, flooring repairs, and custom bathroom remodels,  which everyone from private homeowners to professional contractors have all come to rely on and appreciate. Our experienced flooring professionals all work together to bring the best customer service to the area. Whether you want just want products, hands-on assistance, or a review of your project design or budget, our trained staff is waiting to help. Contact us today!

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